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Hog Hunting Night Lights Accessories to Enhance Your Hunting Experience

April 6, 2016 at 3:32 am

Hunting has become quite advanced in the recent years because of the growing availability of firearms across America, there is a huge variety of custom made guns made specifically for the purpose of hunting. Ammunition is also getting easier to buy with many sellers on the internet, hog hunting, in particular, is a huge business in the U.S.A because their population is growing at a fast pace. Hunting of these hogs has been legalized since the population of the Hogs needs to be controlled to stop the destruction they cause to fields and farms.

Lights Accessories

People have been hunting hogs freely since there is virtually no limit on how many can be hunted, many areas offer a year round hunting season which truly allows 24/7 hunting action. Let us take a look at some of the accessories that make the hunt a lot of reliable and easy, particularly the Hog Hunting Night Lights that make it possible to spot the animal efficiently.

Types of Hog Hunting Night Lights:

Hogs are mostly found at night so the hunters have accepted different methods to hunt them, hunting lights are the most popular accessories made to help the hunter take a shot even in the dark.

Rifle Mounted Lights: These lights are typically mounted on the hunter’s rifle, when activated the light has a range of about 200 yards which is enough for the hunter to pan the area from a comfortable distance. There are also some other variants with an additional long-range, the hunter needs to keep checking for a game every few minutes by raising the rifle and turning on these hunting rifle-mounted lights. People usually need to use a secondary light to illuminate the area as the light from the mounted lights is not always sufficient, experts have said that this may negatively impact the hogs as it may light up the area too much.

Feeder Lights: These lights come in many types and models, they typically cover a larger area compared to rifle mounted lights and even last longer as they have a larger battery capacity. One light can is used to cover multiple feeder locations and stations, it stands on a camera tripod which is extremely light and easy to carry. They are made to be rugged and durable and can easily withstand rough usage and small drops, it even has some options to change the illumination patterns according to the hunters preferences. These lights come in variants that offer deep cycle marine batteries and even light SLAs, the hunters must choose the right one depending on his needs.

Game Alerting Lights: These lights are mounted under the feeder light, around the baited area or even along trails, when powered on the light will glow red when it detects motion of any animal that is larger than 3 feet. This is great as it alarms the hunter about any game within range, it covers an area of over 200 yards which is sufficient for taking a shot. When it tracks an animal movement it will glow for 10 seconds, if the movement still persists after 5 seconds it will reactivate again. These are perfect for night hunts where visibility is very limited.